Cyber tribe is focusing to create a powerful and open community to help support and bringing great value to artist with opportunities.


This platform is a sign of our trust and commitment to you, that we are the best platform to show your NFT's in a 3-D space.

Our master spear NFT Features:

- Initially your NFT's will be in the curated spaces. However, if you hold our Master-spear NFT, you also gain access to our premium spaces to show it some amazing people.

- Also, for those who hold our Master - spear NFT, you gain a chance to experience our new NFT drops as and when we launch them.

What we do?

We, at Cyber Tribe aim to build a huge community that's interested into extracting the benefits of Metaverse.

That's how we built this amazing space to showcase all of your NFT's at a single place and that too at zero cost!


Phase 1

Focus on Creating Proof of Concept

-Launching of Website ✅

-Creation of Demo Gallery✅

-Adding Multiplayer Functionality✅

-Adding Chat System in Gallery for interaction with other player✅

Phase 2

Focusing on Launching 3d Art Gallery for NFT Artist

-Integrating of Metamask & Phantom wallet.✅

-Ability to load NFT in gallery (gif & image).✅

-Ability to change position artwork in gallery anywhere.✅

-Adding feature sharable gallery link

-Beta Testing for feedback and solve bugs if any

-Adding Two galleries to all our discord members

-Beta Testing for feedback and solve bugs if any

-Alpha Build to release for everyone and get feedback/Bug report/ Feature suggestion

Phase 3

Lauching & Minting

-launching Spear NFT which give access to premium galleries

-Minting More NFT galleries

🌟 Future Roadmap coming soon 🌟